Melanie Drew Chambers

NYC based indie outfit HNRY FLWR is readying the release of their anticipated upcoming LP, Visions of the Daytime Moon, and we’re super excited about it.

The band’s wandering, inquisitive soul comes through loud and clear on their new single, “Moment of Trust.” The song dives into topics regarding the fragility of human connections and the vulnerability of being transparently open to another person. It evokes a feeling of both hope and fear, capturing the complex emotions that come with your putting trust in the hands of another.

Produced by Sam Cohen (Kevin Morby), “Moment of Trust” is a rootsy, spare, bittersweet piano piece. The sparse Americana and synth-assisted instrumentation allow the lyrics to be the focal point as they emphasize the depth and emotion behind the words. The production beautifully enhances these feelings, adding an almost haunting quality to the song. It’s a perfect dose of captivating indie rock as we roll into the cooler fall weather.

Check out HNRY FLWR’s website to stay up to date on this band!