Photo courtesy artist

Based in Brooklyn, New York, singer/songwriter Peter Wise provides us with an outlet of hope and positivity with his new single “Only Gotta Start.” Speaking about the importance of releasing all feelings of negativity, Wise sheds his pride and ego, as well as any emotions of pain and frustration in order to fulfill a happier and healthier mindset. 

Wise confides, “I was feeling pretty burned out with my life at the time I wrote this song. I felt that, despite being extremely busy and making a concerted effort to move forward professionally and personally, I wasn’t making any forward progress. I really wanted to move on in my life, see progress in my career and progress in letting go of a past relationship.”

Offering us some solid words of wisdom, “Only Gotta Start” is not only a motivational anthem, but also a bright, sunshiney tune, polished to the songwriter’s highest standards. Wise’s soothing voice glides effortlessly over playful instrumentation, where his melodic guitar mimics a vocal-like quality. With an unwavering ability to inject joy into your life, Wise’s optimism is totally addictive and we can’t get enough. 

See the new video below.