Erica Snyder

As S. Holden Jaffe (aka Del Water Gap) prepares to release his second album, his first two singles make it undeniable, he's releasing some of the most infectious pop music right now.

He has recently shared his newest single "Coping on Unemployment," which only further builds on the momentum of his June release "All We Ever Do Is Talk," a fast-paced cut with the type of festival-ready energy of another anthem master, Jack Antonoff, and his band Bleachers. Meanwhile, "Coping on Unemployment" is glowing with a different level of earnest, confessional lyrics, turning heartache into something beautiful. 

"'Coping on Unemployment' is a song about navigating the floaty salt-water bath feeling of post-Covid life in your mid-twenties," says Jaffe of the new song. "It’s about the liminal space between sex and commitment. It’s about fear of permanence, self-doubt, mental health, and the challenges of maintaining a meaningful relationship when you’re still learning who you are. It’s about how hard it is to just give in and allow yourself to belong to someone when you’re constantly terrified of becoming a parody of yourself."

He continues: "This song is about sleeping late and fucking and listening to indie music—the life that happens between life, when you’re waiting for real life to happen. This song is about how drugs and sobriety change the way we make art, and how our culture puts the artist’s suffering on a pedestal. I used to worry that if I got sober or medicated I wouldn’t be a good artist anymore.”

Del Water Gap has had our attention for a while, but he's clearly thriving in this new era ahead of the new record, I Miss You Already + I Haven’t Left Yet, which is coming Sept. 29 via Mom + Pop Music.

Watch the new video below.