KAWN, artwork by Tyler Raye

Rising artist KAWN on Friday released his new single "Figure It Out," a song perfect for the weekend and one he had been teeing up since earlier this month.

Bringing the heat, the Tulsa-based vocalist has also teased an accompanying video for the forward-looking track. "The good die young but I think we gon' figure it out," KAWN sings on the hook.

"The funny thing about this song is that I wrote it when I was feeling severely depressed," KAWN shared in a confessional note on Instagram ahead of the song's release. "It’s a high-energy, happy, vibey song, and the lyrics are a bit shallow, so nobody would probably guess that. I think a lot of times with my music, I sing and rap about where I want to be to escape where I’m at, even if it’s just for the time that I’m behind the microphone. Especially lately."

He added: "I wish I could tell you I'm feeling 100%, but I'd be lying. Thank God I’m doing better than I was when I made this song. Check on your friends, they might really need you!"

Check out "Figure It Out" below and stay tuned for more from KAWN in the coming months.