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After last month confirming her debut album is coming this fall, Holly Humberstone has shared a new song called "Superbloodmoon," which happens to be a collaboration with fellow rising favorite d4vd.

Out today, the delicate new track is the third preview of Humberstone's upcoming album Paint My Bedroom Black, which will be released Oct. 13 via Darkroom/Geffen/Polydor Records.

“I had been a huge fan of d4vd’s work for about a year and was lucky enough to catch him whilst he was in London,” says Holly of the new song. “We went into the studio and wrote 'Superbloodmoon.' It came pretty naturally as we had both been touring for what seemed like forever, and wanted to write about the feelings that come with leaving your home and the people you love behind. I had the title for the song on my notes, and it just stemmed from there."

She adds: "We wrote about witnessing the same thing from opposite sides of the world and feeling lonely but connected through that experience at the same time. I love the song and I’m so grateful to d4vd for bringing it to life with me.”

Says d4vd of the song: "Holly and I met in London and wrote this song in just a few hours. It was really effortless and special. We both loved the idea of a Superbloodmoon and two people witnessing the same thing no matter where they are in the world. We also got to perform it together at my show in London a couple months ago, which was the first time I’ve ever gotten to collab with someone onstage like that and it was really fun. I’m very grateful to Holly for having me on this song.”

Watch the video now.