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Arriving during the hottest summer in recent memory, NYC-based singer-songwriter, model, and actor Logan Avidan is sharing her debut single “Left My Heart” and its accompanying Cait Durra-directed music video. Avidan’s sound is a mix of 90s grunge and modern indie pop that’s perfect for your summer playlists. The song is layered with hooky melodies and powerful lyrics in what Avidan describes as “girl rock and pop music.” 

Her sound was achieved with the assistance of friend, co-writer, and producer John Eatherly, who’s known for his solo work and for being in notable bands like Be Your Own Pet, The Virgins, and Club Intl. “Left My Heart” is off her upcoming debut solo album, Hot and Bothered.

Describing the message within the song, Avidan says:

“‘Left My Heart’ is about not putting limits on yourself,” she says. “No matter what situation you are in in your life, the only way to make a change or achieve something will come from taking risks and leaving your comfort zone. Diving into all possibilities. Everyone seems to be concerned about the ‘right’ timing, the ‘right’ way, the ‘right’ thing to do. Letting go of these worries and going all in will make you feel the most free. It's about leaving that heavy weight behind and taking that risk.” 

The video sees Avidan in a variety of over-the-top (and alluring) outfits emphasizing the song’s message and encouraging listeners to put themselves out there and aspire to chase their dreams and ask questions later. Overall, Avidan proves her point about the benefits of pushing through our fears. We encourage you to keep your eye on Logan Avidan in the coming months and years. For more news and updates related to Logan Avidan, be sure to follow her on Instagram and TikTok