Photo courtesy Hills Artists

A month after returning with their new song "Love at First Fight," LANY on Friday shared another new song called "Alonica."

The emotional, much more confessional track is the latest preview of Paul Jason Klein and Jake Goss's upcoming fifth album I Really Really Hope So, which is out on Sept. 29. As we previously mentioned, this new music has been released via Sunset Garden, one of the latest changes for the duo as their 2021 album gg bb xx was released on Polydor/Interscope.

Ahead of the song and video's release, Klein posted a preview on Instagram along with a personal note to fans about the song's origins.

"There’s just nothing in the world that hurts quite like betrayal," Klein wrote. "I’m convinced it’s the number one worst feeling and human experience, and I found myself being hit right across the face with it."

He continued: "As the days and weeks trickled on, I looked in the mirror and noticed the sparkle in my eye had disappeared. My fire for life had been robbed, and my faith in humanity was gone. I was a shell of a person—angry, disappointed, broken—and desperate to get away from the one thing that had hurt me the most… people."

Klein noted that “Alonica” is a place within himself he discovered during that period, "where having me and being me was enough for me. I stopped looking to others and outside sources for love, belonging, and validation and became my own well of joy and satisfaction."