Andrea Rotili

Claudia Cappelletti fearlessly addresses women’s rights and equality in her new single, “Mine.” The emotional and determined track sees the Italian singer/songwriter standing up for justice as she fights against gender discrimination, acting as a voice for those who don’t. The powerful song immediately grabs the listeners attention with Cappelletti’s soaring vocals, which chants, “Sorry but it’s mine, my body is not yours to preside, I shouldn’t say sorry ‘cause I’m not and I’ll fight with every single breath I’ve got.”

The inspiration behind the track came from Cappelletti’s time on the road, where she would witness awful situations. The songwriter shares, “As I traveled as a singer around the world so many times I got to live in underdeveloped countries where many women and girls continue to experience discrimination because of their sex and gender. I can’t deny the anger I felt for the injustice those women have to face in their everyday’s life.”

“Mine” is a potent reminder to stand up and make a change. Through echoing strings, heart-wrenching lyrics and a driving rhythm section, this is the perfect song to accompany us on our mission to make the world a better place for everyone. "We stay, we fight, we push and we will not be silenced."