Photo by Pierce Pyrzenski

Aaron Taos is heading into the weekend with a new drop in the form of a collaborative take on The Strokes' "Under Control."

He has linked up with singer Jordana for their cover rendition of the track, which came together after they first met and realized a shared obsession with The Strokes. 

"When Jordana and I met for the first time we realized very quickly that we both shared an obsession with The Strokes," explains Taos. "What's more surprising is that we also share the same favorite Strokes' song, 'Under Control,' an album cut off of their second LP Room On Fire. Naturally, we decided that we had to cover this amazing tune. Re-imagined as a minimalist duet, this slow burn produced by Blake Richardson (formerly artist Sage Baptiste) also comes with a lofi vid shot in Brooklyn, NY. We just want to make Julian Casablancas proud."

Watch their video below.