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Will Joseph Cook dropped a new song on Thursday called "Fearless is the Flame," and we're in love.

The funky new track arrives with a video directed by Bertie Gilbert, and it sees the singer faces his phobias—oh so many of them! The hook draws influence from Will's admitted love and admiration for Prince. 

“It’s about romantic tension, a passion that you can’t or shouldn’t act on," says Cook of the new single. “The flame being the feeling that’s hard to stop once it’s burning within you. It’s definitely a manifestation of my delayed obsession with Prince over the past few years, I feel like that energy is a topic well trodden in his songs. The way the chorus instrumental feels like it’s wrestling with this huge expressive guitar riff made me think of these conflicted emotions pulling you in different directions.”

Of the video, Will adds: “When I’m coming up with concepts for my videos I often like to take one element of a song’s title or lyrics and create a new meaning from it, as opposed to showing the song’s true narrative. The word ‘fearless’ is really exciting and can take you in so many directions. I landed on this concept of exposure therapy for a seemingly endless list of things, feelings or concepts that we can be afraid of. The track is just blasting on my headphones throughout, guiding me through this questionable experience of overcoming my many irrational phobias.”

Watch below.


# cluber 2023-06-16 04:47
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