Sody, photo by Joakim Wijk

Rising British artist Sody today released her new song called "Frozen Lake." And if you've seen the recent season of the Showtime hit Yellowjackets, you might have some feelings of déjà vu, but in the best way possible.

The heartwarming new song is accompanied by a video which sees the blonde singer standing above an endless snowy landscape, eerily reminiscent of a scene in the penultimate episode of Yellowjackets' second season in which (spoiler alert) Sophie Thatcher's young Natalie is on a run for her life and comes up on a similar snow-covered frozen lake—although under much more horrific circumstances. And we have to assume this is all a coincidence (even Sody's hair color and her name, as her real name is Sophie Dyson) because the singer's new video was filmed prior to the Yellowjackets episode, which aired on May 21.

"Heart is heavy but the ice won’t break," the singer confesses in the lyrics of the newly released track.

Check out the video below.