Megan Doherty

Sometimes, you just need to rage. You're pissed off and you don't feel like making nice. And that's OK, because Coach Party gets it.

The rising alt-rockers just released a new song called "All I Wanna Do Is Hate," which taps into that energy with a merry bitterness of punk-meets-pop, along with an accompanying video also out today.

"I'm into hating / Not hesitating / I'm gonna tell you everything / That I think of you," declares the song, which is a preview of the band's upcoming debut album Killjoy, which will be released Sept. 8 on Chess Club Records.

“'All I Wanna Do Is Hate' is about acting out against people who are trying to help, but you're not ready for that and choose to do the opposite of the advice you're given,” says Coach Party's Jess Eastwood. “This song is just about being incredibly angry, for what, is up to whoever is listening; but sometimes you need to go against everyone to learn a valuable lesson. Maybe you’ll write a cool angry song about it.”

Check out the new song below.