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British Afro R&B brother and sister duo ANGEL X STAR have unveiled the new music video for their latest single, “Jolene.” The track is a unique spin on the 70’s hit single from Dolly Parton and sees the duo speaking about heartbreak from their own experiences. The accompanying new video reflects this narrative, with the addition of a female dancer who seemingly is “Jolene” in the story. Her impressive dance moves flow freely with the music as she expresses her emotions through movement. The video is set in a simple environment, allowing for little distraction, however with the addition of glowing lighting and vibrant colors, the result ends up being something that is truly captivating and the perfect complement to the song's sonic flavors. 

Speaking further on the meaning of the track, the two share, “This is a heartbreak song inspired by Dolly Parton. We took the vision and the hurt from that song and related it to our own heartbreak. Angel is singing about a girl he 'fumbled' yet to find out that that was his love, his first love and Star comes from a different perspective asking questions like, “you could have told me that love will hurt like this.”

The music video also emphasizes the great relationship between the brother and sister, which is something that has grown stronger since the devastating loss of their sister, who was also previously in the band. Not only are ANGEL X STAR great musicians, creating catchy music, but they are also providing an outlet for their emotions and providing listeners with relatable tracks to sing along to!