Maclay Heriot

Portugal. The Man is back!

The band on Wednesday returned with their delightful, wacky new single "Dummy," which is accompanied by an equally bizarre, humorous video directed by Noel Paul and starring the "band’s new, honorary member, Tank Dog."

“Worried about the impending nuclear war? 'Dummy' is an ode to The Cure. For all those hopeless doomers out there waxing poetic on the end times while dancing to Boys Don’t Cry. All my troubles seem so far away. Thank you for waiting, it feels good to be back," says the band's John Gourley of the new track, which is out now on Atlantic Records.

Along with the new song is confirmation from the band that their new album Chris Black Changed My Life is coming June 23. It was produced by Jeff Bhasker, whose recent work includes collaborations with the likes of Beyoncé and SZA.

Check out the new video now.