Ragers, photo by Marie Michele Bouchard

An ongoing Variance favorite is back with new music, as the Montreal outfit Ragers this past week shared their new single "Only Sins No Tragedies."

The pop-punk thriller of a track clearly nods to Panic! At The Disco's 2005 hit "I Write Sins Not Tragedies," as it showcases the band's latest evolution as they gear up to release a new album, Missed Calls From Home, which is coming on May 12.

"‘Only Sins, No Tragedies’ was one of the first tracks we worked on for this album,” says the band of the new song. “From the first riffs, it was evident that we, as a band, were getting pulled by our own inspirations and nostalgia toward a sound so primitive to us that it’s come back full circle and has once again become current."

They add: "We’ve always strived to make the songs we wanted to hear, but it’s especially true with this record, and this song is the perfect representation of the sound we’re going for. It’s vulnerable, honest, but fun and straight to the point.”

Watch the new video below.