Photo courtesy artist

GUNNAR has shared his new single “Fuck a Broken Heart,” while also confirming his debut album Best Mistake is coming Feb. 24.

The new song is released today alongside a video which sees GUNNAR undergoing "open-heart surgery."

"’Fuck a Broken Heart’ is a song about the goal keeper no longer being at the goal post,” says GUNNAR. “It’s about finally syncing up with the person that you have been waiting for. There was a person that I had known for a long time—we just had chemistry with each other from the jump, but the timing never worked out. When she finally got out of the wrong relationship she had been in, I didn’t want her to be sad or heartbroken at all—because it was finally time for her and I to have what we had been yearning for. Fuck A Broken Heart.”

Watch the video below.