Samuel Bradley

The 1975 is giving fans another glimpse of their upcoming album Being Funny in a Foreign Language.

On Wednesday, the Matty Healy-led outfit shared their tender new track "All I Need to Hear," the latest from the new record, which is out Oct. 14. Healy also appeared today on Zane Lowe's Apple Music 1 radio show to discuss the new music.

"It's like, I don't need music in my ears, I don't need the crowds and the cheers. Just tell me you love me," says Healy, speaking with Lowe. "That's all that I need to hear. With 'All I Need to Hear,' I don't know what the barometers are. Some of the barometers are how much it makes you dance or how memorable. There's something that makes the song stick around."

Healy also clarified some recent comments he made about being offered to open for Ed Sheeran's tour next year, claiming he was "offered a four-month tour next year of stadiums with the biggest singer-songwriter in the world that would have made me money that I’ve never even seen or heard of in my life."

Noting his respect for Sheeran, Healy says: "I wasn't trying to cause some kind of story. I just wanted to say that what Ed Sheeran can do is remarkable, being able to play a guitar to a stadium of people. It's just such a remarkable thing to have been able to have created this... There's children and old people, but it just wasn't the right thing to do because during this era we have to—God, this new show! I talk about money and bankrupting myself; this new show's going to be crazy."

Watch the new video below.