Stefan Tschumi

Earlier this summer, Sam Koechlin (aka Sam Himself) released his new song "Never Let Me Go," indicating he wasn't slowing down after releasing his debut album Power Ballads last fall.

Now, he has confirmed another record is on the way early next year. Coinciding with Friday's reveal is the release of a glowing new single "Golden Days," the second single from the aforementioned sophomore album, which seems like it may also be called Golden Days.

Speaking with Variance last year, Koechlin shared about how the pandemic affected his outlook and therefore his first record, which found him looking inward and also backwards. But it's clear this new music has him seeing outward and onward—onto the future, as he provided a glimpse of on his album-closer "When I Take the Stage," which found him imagining the post-Covid future when he could play live again.

The new material is said to be reflective of that state of mind, of an artist who is hopeful and excited about the reopening of the world.

“I definitely didn’t plan to cut an entire album when I went back into the studio earlier this year, but the initial session went so well, we walked out with just under ten songs," admits Koechlin. 

Watch the new video below.