Photo courtesy artist

Tulsa-based outfit Slow Cozy has kicked off the month of June, and they're giving summer an early start with their frothy new single "CST 2 CST."

The standout new cut is out now along with a colorful animated video created by Lane Goza, who took inspiration from the Greek myth of Eurydice and Orpheus as well as the work of Ralph Bakshi in the creation of the short flick.

Says Goza of the idea for the video: "The song seemed to me like a dreamy ode to traversing the world with the one you love. The road trip aspect is where the handycam idea came in. Even though no one really uses handycams anymore, I thought it was the perfect framing device to show the happy moments between the two."

They add: "I used Google Earth to look up the background locations in order to give it some basis in reality as well. The flying scenes were from downtown Tulsa, and I remember trying to map out the flight path as accurately as I could.”

The dreamy new track is perfect for your summer plans, and we can't help but notice the abbreviated use of "CST" for "coast" is perhaps coincidentally the same as the acronym for Central Standard Time, the timezone in Tulsa. Maybe it's a subtle ode to T-Town or maybe we're just overthinking??

Anyway, see the new video for "CST 2 CST" now below.