Dijon, photo courtesy artist

There's no better feeling than when the venue lights dim down and the crowd roars in anticipation for the musician to come out and a rush of cold yet euphoric air brings goosebumps to the surface of your skin.

This is how you know the night will be electric—which was the case for Dijon's show in Vancouver on May 21 at the Hollywood Theatre. This would be the 15th show of Dijon's North American headlining tour in 2022. The atmosphere was intimate throughout the night with ambient lanterns set up around the tables on the stage to help set the mood in which it felt like we were sitting in one of their studio sessions.

Dijon started the night off by singing "Big Mike's" and instantly, the crowd swooned and swayed in synchronicity. Throughout the entire set, there was an immense passion in the way he sang his songs, and as soon as "The Dress" began to play out, the crowd sang their hearts out—a beautiful collaboration between the audience and Dijon.

Once the show ended and the lights turned back on, it was quite hard to believe that this was a concert and not an intimate recording session. The synergy of the band was electric, the show was euphoric, and it left us all in an oddly familiar state of nostalgia. It's difficult to describe but you simply had to be there.