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Just in time for the weekend, we've got a new "Big Obsession," coming today by way of British outfit Foals.

The group just shared their newest single "2001," and we can't get enough. Hyped as a "song of the summer," it's definitely a contender as quite the jam. It's also the latest in a string of a very strong releases from Foals, who have been treating fans for months as they gear up to release their new album Life Is Yours on June 17.

"‘2001’ feels like a postcard from the past," says singer Yannis Philippakis. "We moved to Brighton around that time [in 2001], we were a young band, and there was the feeling of the first taste of independence. The moment you get those freedoms, you’re surrounded by temptation. The references to beachside candy and Brighton rock are symbols for drugs and hedonism."

He adds: "This was written in the depths of the pandemic winter, and there’s an escapist desire to break out from the feeling of being cooped up, both in terms of the pandemic and adolescence.”

Check out the song now.