Sigrid with Oli Sykes, photo courtesy artist

Sigrid continues to make some of the most relatable pop songs, and her new one is no different at all. On Friday, the rising singer shared her latest track called "Bad Life," a collaboration with Bring Me The Horizon.

On the new song, Sigrid and Oli Sykes team up to remind us, "It's just a bad day, not a bad life," they sing on the hook, cautioning: "I wrote this song to say things won't always be this way."

"I’m so excited about ‘Bad Life’ being out in the world with the Bring Me boys," says Sigrid. "We’re really proud of this one, and we hope it can bring some comfort :) It might not be the most likely collab, but we’ve been fans of each other for a while and we’re so happy we could collaborate on this song. And filming the video was an amazing and crazy experience in itself!” 

"We loved the message, but it wasn’t really fitting with the brief of the record we are currently creating," says Sykes of the track, which the band started writing during lockdown. "When we found out Sigrid was a fan, we felt like it was the perfect fit for her, although initially I was reluctant as I felt like it was such a special record. Then Sigrid asked if I'd duet with her on the track and that sealed the deal!"  

The new music comes as Sigrid will be releasing her sophomore album How to Let Go on May 6.

See the new video below.