Connor Phillips in 'Russian Roulette' video

Canadian artist Connor Phillips is heading into the weekend with the release of a menacing set of visuals for his new single "Russian Roulette."

While the song title itself alludes to trouble, the newly released clip starts off more mysteriously as a couple of "strangers" cross paths in the middle of nowhere. "Please don’t leave me / The same way you did / Cause I don’t wanna end up like him," Phillips sings eerily on the acoustic guitar-anchored track, which has a very distinct emo feel to it.

The new song follows the teaser track called "Downcast" which Phillips released earlier this month, both of which seem to nod to an upcoming album titled Gone with the Wind.

For Phillips, this is the start of an exciting new chapter after a busy 2020, a year of obvious uncertainty which included a string of standout releases from the independent music-maker. We're stoked to hear more from this ongoing favorite.

The video was directed by Zia Kalyan and Ryan Davis, with styling by Noel Goertz and overall assistance from Jason Owens.

See the new video below.