Josh Sallee in 'Hollywood Hoax' video

Oklahoma rapper-producer Josh Sallee returned with new music on Tuesday.

Today, he shared his gritty new single "Hollywood Hoax," which doesn't hide much about the song's inspiration, as he picks apart the land of Tinseltown, where Hollywood folks turn into Hollywood fiends.

"Everybody in L.A. on the same shit / Everybody acts like they're famous," he raps on the track. "I ain't got time to explain shit / I gotta get back home 'cause I heard it's contagious."

The song is accompanied by a video directed by R3x Wonders, which finds Sallee starring in a circus-like atmosphere, a nod to the track's lyrics. He says this is the first single off his upcoming album Flamingo, which is coming later this year.

See the video now.