Blair Brown

Aussie producer Chris Emerson (aka What So Not) is back with new music.

Today, he shared his new song "Messin' Me Up," a collaboration with New York artist EVAN GIIA. Co-written with CHVRCHES' Martin Doherty during the late 2019 catastrophic bushfires in Australia, the introspective song is inspired by the unbelievable two years which followed, from the fires to the pandemic.

"This record is a giant crescendo. Beginning sparse and sombre, it evolves into an operatic onslaught of vocals and hardware," says Emerson. "The thematics showcase the virulent tendencies of humankind. Chaotic turmoil in everything from relationships to the environment. I loved working with Emmy and Martin front to back on this; both are brilliant."

He continues: "The record acts as a bookmark of where my mind was at before the pandemic. As we all come out of self focus, introversion and return to normality what choices will we make differently? We’ve seen how fast the world can change & I hope we can all change for the better on the other side of this.”

This is What So Not's second release since returning from a yearlong hiatus. Earlier this year, he shared his single "The Change."

Hear "Messin' Me Up" below.