Khalid in 'New Normal' video

Khalid is back with new music, and he's leaping into the future.

The singer on Wednesday shared his new song "New Normal," the first off his third album Everything Is Changing, which is coming this fall. In the video, directed by Andy Hines, Khalid travels to a new world which is full of Easter eggs (and product placement), with hints of what to expect from the new record.

"'New Normal' was inspired by how I was feeling during the pandemic and the emotional toll that quarantine took on me and my friends," he says. "Everything Is Changing as an album really takes that a step further with all of the songs centering around trying to find a purpose and a sense of self in a world where everything is digitally connected but emotionally disconnected."

He adds: "As we all come out of quarantine and venture more into the world and try to reconnect with people we haven’t seen in over a year, I hope the messages explored within the album open up conversations and allow people to access their feelings in a new way.”

Watch the video below.