Williams + Hirakawa

After weeks of teasing clips and images of her new music video, BANKS made it official and shared her new single "The Devil."

The song arrived Wednesday along with a chilling set of co-directed visuals, which follows the singer as she takes an unsuspecting guy on whatever is the opposite of a joyride. After revealing herself to be a non-human supernatural force with a serpent-like tongue, she takes her prisoner and locks him inside a trunk, where he remains captive through the video's end. (Speaking of "serpents," the license plate in the video replaces the familiar red California script with the word "Serpentina," which has left some fans suspecting it's BANKS' next album title, although she has yet to officially confirm an album title or specific release plans.)

"This video represents the twisted, surreal, and playful world that I exist in as the devil," says BANKS. "No demon can touch me as I am not tempted by their charm."

There's clearly a lot more to come from BANKS. For now, watch the new video below.