Photo courtesy artist

Wrabel has shared his new song "good," first first solo release this year and his first since signing to Nettwerk.

The new track is the latest example of the powerhouse singer and songwriter's undeniable skillset, with his enormous falsetto on full display alongside emotional, riveting lyricism, brought to life with a video directed by Carlos Asse telling a narrative of a couple who seem to be incredibly happy together but they nearly let it slip away.

"I feel so lucky to have worked with Carlos Asse on this video,” says Wrabel. “We wanted to build off of one of my favorite lyrics in the song—‘I know you still see him in your apartment, let me in, I’ll paint the walls’... following a couple as they move into a new space—like a fresh start."

Wrabel continues: "Whether it’s anger, resentment or hurt, it’s the smallest disagreement that can bring those feelings from the deep-down to the surface. The smallest thing can turn a good thing bad. But leaning in and trusting can keep a good thing good.”

See the video below.