Anna Victoria Best

Jungle is back!

The British songwriting-production duo has returned with their new song "Keep Moving," which arrives with a flurry of activity for the pair, who has also confirmed their new album Loving in Stereo is coming this summer—Aug. 13, to be exact. This is the first preview of that record.

The song marks quite the return for the duo, as it finds them leaning in on their funk-soul origins and creating song exploding with disco vibes, making for an experience which is easily nostalgic yet simultaneously crisp and modern. Of course, in typical Jungle fashion, the song is accompanied by a wonderfully choreographed video which features a group of dancers bringing the track to life.

“Whatever you go through, as long as you can stay strong and fight it, there’s always something on the other side," says Tom McFarland, one-half of Jungle, speaking of the inspiration for the new music, which is reflective of a time of change for the band—and obviously for fans around the world.

In addition to the pandemic and a host of challenges facing music-makers, Jungle has also made a number of changes behind the scenes, including launching their own label, deciding to untie themselves from outside influences and commercial expectations. They're feeling very optimistic about this new phase of the band and the time of their album release, as they expect it to be a "summer of social liberation."

Watch the video for "Keep Moving" below.