Mark “La Shark” Nguyen

Ant Clemons has linked up with Justin Timberlake for a new song which looks to a better future.

The two premiered the new song, titled "Better Days," on Thursday night with a video performance as part of Stacey Abrams-helmed Fair Fight's virtual Rock the Runoff event for the upcoming Jan. 5 runoff election, which is expected to determine which party controls the Senate when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris take office next month.

"We started this record after a conversation about the state of the world after our first zoom call," recalls Clemons. "I started on this idea, sent it over to Justin and we collaborated over the next few months and piece by piece, we constructed this small offering to the world. I pray the song empowers and uplifts everyone listening. My prayer is that this song is a reflection of hope, hope for a brighter future and hope for better days because better days lie ahead."

Watch the video below.