Brian Ziff

Emerging Scottish songwriter-producer Robert Shields (aka ONR) dropped new music on Friday and it's a great one.

He's teamed up with Phantogram singer Sarah Barthel for his new single "Must Stop," in which they each declare they "must stop falling in love" with every person "who fucks me." It's a moody, completely spellbinding track showcasing both Shields and Barthel's musical strengths.

"'Must Stop’ is a song about being repeatedly hurt,” says Shields. “About a lack of self-worth, a desperation to be in love and to be loved by someone, anyone — and the blows you can take when you leave yourself so open.”

For her part, Barthel says Shields presented her with the track when she happened to be in the middle of a breakup and it instantly became a lifeline. “I think it was the universe telling me I have to express my feelings instead of bottling them up,” she says. “From then on, ‘Must Stop’ has been my mantra.”

Watch the video below.