Sydney based DIY pop artist AIRPORTS shows us how we are all united, even during months of isolation. His new video for “U FEEL IT 2” highlights the importance of coming together and supporting each other in times of need. The heartwarming video emphasizes how regardless of our many differences, we all face the same challenges in life and we are not alone. AIRPORTS, aka Aaron Lee shines further meaning on the video explaining, “The intention of the video was to show that everyone walks the tightrope of this duality in their own lives, no one is exempt from happiness nor suffering.”

Sonically “U FEEL IT 2” dances between infectious electro pop and atmospheric lo-fi R&B, delivering an intoxicating sensation. AIRPORTS shows off his velvet vocals, layering ethereal harmonies to create a dreamy and celestial release. The Australian musician admits how he works best when taking the non-conventional route towards his music and it has clearly been paying off. In fact Lee hasn’t just seen success with his solo project, but he’s also been lucrative in other areas, including his global music production company.

If “U FEEL IT 2” is an example of what AIRPORTS is capable of during a global pandemic, then it is obvious that he is truly unstoppable.