Britt Wilen

Bradley Arthur Maxwell has shared a heartwarming video for his new song "No Wonder Why," a collaboration with Newfoundland folk trio The Once which he's releasing later this month.

While the song is expected on Feb. 25, the video for the spellbinding track is premiering today on Variance, and it seems to be timed well ahead of Valentine's Day, considering the visuals were created entirely from 8mm and 16mm footage of a couple from the 1970s.

"'No Wonder Why' is a love letter to whatever it is that you love," says Maxwell of the song, which was recorded at Echo Lake Studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia. "Whether that's a place, a person, or a passion."

Maxwell calls the track, which was produced by Dan Ledwell "one of the most meaningful recordings I have had the pleasure to work on."

Watch the Britt Wilen-directed video below and check out the song on SoundCloud or BandCamp.