Photo courtesy artist

Vancouver up-and-comer Mcevoy has had our attention for a little while now, but today he's kickstarting a surge of new music with a video for his newest single "Settle Down."

The addictive, lo-fi track arrived last month, just days before the end of the year, but the video is premiering today on Variance. The song is a preview of his Other Empty Room EP, which is expected to arrive sometime early this year. It follows his previous standout "In the Dark."

"I just think authenticity and honesty is the most important thing," says Mcevoy, who could easily fit in a lane alongside the likes of Khalid or Brent Faiyaz. "I made this record at a time when I was doing some digging in myself and this song reflects that for me—it's transparent."

Watch the new video for "Settle Down" below.