Aaron Taos in 'Saboteur' video

With a new EP on the way, Variance favorite Aaron Taos recently offered a teaser with his new video for "Saboteur."

The clip, released over the holidays, highlights the tendencies to compare ourselves to others on social media. The song itself is a preview of Taos' upcoming Closure & Campari EP.

"The overall theme of the ‘Saboteur’ is about the pitfalls of falling in a pattern of comparing yourself to others," says Taos. "With social media, it’s so much easier to see others’ successes and immediately be triggered to look at your life and go down a spiral of feeling bad for yourself. A friend of mine recently mentioned the Theodore Roosevelt quote, ‘Comparison is the thief of joy,’ and I think that optimizes the sentiment of this song for me."

See the video below and stay tuned for more from Aaron Taos in the coming months.