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U.K. newcomers Harry Bugge and Joe Andrew (aka The Pressure) have had our attention for some time now, but they've locked up their status as one of our favorite new acts of the year with this new song "MTV."

The new track, which arrived Wednesday with an accompanying video directed by James Lewis, follows a steady string of releases over the past few months, including their standout single "Feel Good" and the pulsating followup "Love Like Radio."

"The song's about a guy who went on a massive 'trip' when he was younger," the duo tells Variance about the new song. "On this wild, drug-fueled trip, he watched some cartoons on 'MTV' ... Years later he still can't get the cartoons out of his mind. They pop up unexpectedly, and start coming to life, chasing him. What starts as a concerned chorus turns into a frantic chant, an attempt to shout them out of his life. But there's no escaping them—so he may as well embrace their presence."

It's wild, yes. And it's further evidence of the pair's musical skills, proof it's not just a fluke. In fact, "MTV" is the fourth in a series of tracks all released this year, rounding out what is their debut EP.

As The Pressure continues an inevitable rise, there's likely more to come from the guys. Those in London can also catch them live early next year at Moth Club. Tickets are available now.

Watch the video for "MTV" below.