Photo courtesy artist

After making their debut last year, Toronto duo Tom Boy has shared an emotional new single called "Nothing to Lose."

The stirring new cut, which received an accompanying video out today, is the title track off the pair's debut EP, released on Friday. It tackles singer Nate Daniels' struggle with his sexuality and being a "closeted gay kid." It follows the pair's debut single "How to Become a Drug Dealer," which arrived last fall and is also on the EP.

"I came home one day after being terribly rejected, and something just broke in me," recalls Daniels. "I stopped caring about how others would perceive my sexuality. In that moment, I grabbed my guitar, picked a few notes, and word-vomited this wonderfully succinct hype-song that also just happened to be universal; talking yourself out of a self-loathing, pity party."

Check out the new "Nothing to Lose" video below.