Image from 'Glow Up' video

After releasing his new single "Glow Up" earlier this month, newcomer Billy Blond has shared a steamy set of visuals for the irresistible track.

The song is the title track of the U.K. artist's upcoming debut EP, which is out in September. And the video is reflective of the project as a whole, inspired by the singer's life as a gay man who previously struggled with his loves and desires contrasted with hetero-normative culture, before ultimately finding self-acceptance.

"I had been depressed, broke, hating myself and drinking too much for too long," says Blond of the new song. "I'm a strong believer that life imitates art, so I wanted to write a song about the hard times but spin it to something positive—love bringing you back. Whether that's self-love, pure friendship or a romantic relationship."

Check out the video for "Glow Up" below.