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Katy Perry is back with new music, her first solo release in two years.

Her gummy new single "Never Really Over" arrived Friday with a colorful, retro-inspired, heart-filled video to accompany it. And while the song is reflective of an inability to quit a romantic relationship, the title could also nod to the singer's career, coming after her 2017 album Witness, which was largely panned by critics and the public. Despite that dud, this new track is an irresistible pop gem.

"All of our relationships—from first love, through failed love, to great love—all become a part of you," says Perry of the new song. "So that none are ever really over, and once you accept both the dark and the light, you may find that the darkness brought you to the light."

"Never Really Ever" was produced by Zedd, who collaborated with Perry earlier this year, alongside Dreamlab. It was co-written by Perry with Zedd, Dan Haywood, Leah Haywood, Dagny, Gino Barletta, Michelle Buzz, Jason Gill and Hayley Warner.

Watch the video below.


# TommyDotCom 2020-02-07 18:52
Just to clarify Dagny, Michelle Buzz and Jason Gill are only credited as writers on the track because NRO samples the melody of the chorus of Dagny’s “Love You Like That”, which they were all involved in.
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