Photo via artist

Dave B has new music out today. His new single "CPU LUV" has arrived, a preview of his upcoming album.

The Seattle rapper-singer shared the new song with an accompanying video directed by Lea Godoy and Kyle McCarty. And because he's encouraging fans to disconnect a little from their digital devices, he also parodies hometown company Microsoft's old '90s campaign.

“Love me like you do your computer, love," Dave sings on the track. He explains: "I think we were in L.A. or some shit [and] I just noticed how shorty and all the homies just be locked in to their phones to the point where n-ggas became unresponsive. That’s kind of what it is for this generation I feel like... so I wrote this."

The song is from Dave B's new album BLEU, which is coming June 7.

See the video below.