Photo courtesy artist

Australian artist and producer cln is releasing a new song called "Endlessly" on Thursday, but he's giving fans an early listen.

The mesmerizing new track premiered Wednesday on Variance ahead of the official release, which follows his recent singles "Undone," featuring Holly Hebe, and "Into the Night," featuring Eilish Gilligan. The new music comes as he has been teasing a new album is coming very soon.

“I have a bunch of different jobs when I’m not working on music," says cln. "Most of them involve something called ‘ecoacoustic’ research. What that basically means, is the use of sound for ecological or conservation purposes. 90% of what I do revolves around birds and birdsong. I’m a huge bird sound nerd and can identify most species in Southeast Queensland by the noises that they make. Last year I finished a research master’s degree which focused on Owls, and this year I have started a PhD working on a bunch of other species."

He continues: "The idea for this track started when I was out doing fieldwork in the rain. I was about to pack up for the day and head home when an Albert’s Lyrebird started calling in the rainforest near me. Lyrebirds are some of Australia’s most well-known birds. They are the mimics that you often see in Youtube videos or nature documentaries ... the Albert’s Lyrebird was calling so beautifully that I had to stop what I was doing and record it. I work with Lyrebirds fairly frequently and hear them often, but there was something special about this lone bird calling in the rain."

He notes: "I think sounds that come straight from nature are as good as it gets.”

Hear "Endlessly" now and everywhere Thursday.