Natasha R-Austrich

This week, we're getting new music from actress and singer Lily Donat, who is releasing her new single "Build It." But she's premiering the whimsical new track a day early.

The new song can be heard today on Variance ahead of its official release tomorrow, and it's such a wonderful celebration of wildness and femininity, as the singer acknowledges of the track, which was notably inspired by pain, growth, nostalgia, love and heartbreak. The lyrics are so personal and human, and it feels so instantly tangible and relatable.

"I started writing this song on the back of a motorcycle, looking up at redwoods," recalls Donat. "I started to feel the divinity of nature, and it felt separate from any people or memories associated with it; the trees were beautiful and perfect on their own. That’s when the lyric 'And he didn’t build it' popped into my head, and it resonated deeply. This song is a celebration of wildness, adventure, and femininity that is separate from the boyfriend you traipsed through the woods with, or even the patriarchy that is so embedded in our culture, and aims to dull the untamed feminine force that blooms with nature."

Hear "Build It" below.