Cannon in 'College Friends' video

Cannon is here with a very relatable new single, his new track "College Friends."

The gritty, genre-bending cut is definitely an addictive anthem for those of us who just can't keep up like the old days. And that's perfectly OK.

"When I graduated from college, I found myself worrying about whether I was sacrificing too much time chasing my goals to spend time with my friends or sacrificing too much time with my friends to chase my goals," admits Cannon. "I soon came to realize that in trying to be two places at once, I ended up nowhere. Part of the process of graduating and growing up for me has been learning how to decide where to allocate my time."

The 24-year-old music-maker is originally from South Carolina, but has since been based in Brooklyn. He has previously opened for the likes of Hunter Hayes and Variance favorite Jon Bellion. "College Friends" comes as he is teasing an upcoming project. 

See the rowdy new video for "College Friends" below.