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Bernard and Rachel Chadwick (together known as Loud Forest) are kicking off the weekend with their great new single "I Don't Want to Go Home."

The boisterous new track is an anthem for those who might feel like outsiders. And that energy is channeled into the electric new cut, which is premiering today on Variance.

"The song is a confrontation of two emotions; one can be heard in the verses—it’s anger, anger for feeling trapped, controlled and hurt." says Loud Forest. "The other emotion is a sparkling exuberance that can be heard on the choruses, amplified by live drums, synth tracks and euphoric vocals sung in unison. There is a release and excitement that comes in finding your youthful identity with friends and freedom."

They add: "I wanted to stay out all night with my friends, that’s where I felt like I could be myself. People have a lot of reasons why they don’t feel comfortable in their homes growing up: lifestyle, religion, expectations, or there is addiction in the family and it’s hard to navigate the environment at home. This song is my personal story about finding that freedom; skating and surfing at night under the lights of Oceanside pier in San Diego, going to punk shows and parties. It was a new identity that I was able to create for myself, a freedom that I could take hold of and enjoy, as long as I didn’t go home."

The song is off the married duo's new album Family Tree, which is out this May.

Hear the new song now below.