Zac Lawson

Rising singer-producer JVKE has teamed up with virtual artist-producer chillpill for a new song called "CHARGER," which is out today.

The very addictive new single is premiering on Variance today along with a Q+A with JVKE to talk about the collaboration and how things are going in his world following a whirlwind couple of years career-wise, despite the state of the world.

“Can I get your charger? Low battery. Wanna plug my heart in. I’m at like 3," JVKE sings on the witty hook, showing his familiar falsetto.

Check it out below, followed by our conversation with JVKE.

"Charger" is super catchy and clever. What drew you in?

chillpill sent me the idea and i thought it was such a clever idea. i had been listening to a lot of hyperpop recently and it had me super inspired to work on it!

You recently made your debut playing live shows. What was that like for you?

it was an eye-opening experience. my career took off at the beginning of lockdown, so i didn’t fully grasp the fact that my music was reaching real people who really supported me. performing is now one of my favorite things!

This is your second song of 2022 already. Is this what fans can expect this year, a lot of music?

yes yes, much new music is on the way! i’m contemplating putting together an album. if my next release is well-received, i plan to do something big. more info on that soon ;)

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of music?

i am heavily involved in my church and love to spread the good news of Jesus! that is far more important to me than my music. it is what drives my passion for music and inspires me to create.

As you’ve found bigger success, what’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you or that you’ve experienced the last couple of years?

i'd say the craziest experience was working with charlie puth. i have always loved his music. that was a bucket list moment for me

What’s one thing that’s definitely on your to-do list for this year?

create and release as much new music as possible! i’m so excited for people to hear what i’ve been creating recently.