Luke Rogers

Nashville duo Kyle Knudsen and Colton Ward (together known as DBMK) are today releasing a brand new song called "Chains."

Offering a glimmer of hope for a generation seeming faced with constant anxiety and uncertainty (and hello, pandemic!), the new track is premiering today on Variance. It follows the pair's recent single "Tough," which likewise reflected a sense of feeling stuck in life.

"The world is bending and we are forced to react—we’ve got a few options," says the duo. “'Chains' is our hopeful outcry of a response. A generation facing what feels like another apocalypse at the start of every day, lives on the cliché 'we’re here not for a long time, but a good time.' This may be true, but we don’t have to spend that time alone and we can even dress up and make it a party along the way."

As DBMK continues to tease their next chapter in music, "Chains" is a welcome listen at the start of a year with plenty of possibility.

Hear "Chains" below.