Dora Duna

Icelandic trio Vök is ready to share new music.

Their new single "No Coffee at the Funeral" arrives on Friday (Aug. 20), but it's premiering today on Variance. The moving, emotional cut is from the band's upcoming Feeding on a Tragedy, Part 1 EP, and it's inspired by very real loss, which was further impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

"This song is about grief. I wrote the song after my grandfather died in 2020," says singer Margrét Rán. "My grandfather’s death hit me hard. He had battled cancer for a while, which was tough for my family and me. Due to Covid regulations, we couldn’t even hold a traditional funeral, and a minimal number of people could attend the ceremony, which also rubbed salt to the wound."

Rán adds: "The funeral was a beautiful ceremony, but we couldn’t offer people any food or drinks. Afterward, I wrote 'No Coffee at the Funeral' as an homage to my late grandfather."

Vök is made up of Rán, along with Einar Stef (guitar/bass) and Bergur Dagbjartsson (drums/percussion).

Hear the stirring new track below.