Photo courtesy artist

Chicago's Jackson Davis is starting a brand new chapter with the launch of his new project Safety Town.

Today, he is premiering his new single "Bloom," which arrives on Variance ahead of its official release tomorrow (July 21). The transcendent first single, with a very Postal Service-esque flare, is an introduction to Davis' forthcoming Fake It LP, which will be released Nov. 12.

"This song was really inspired by the tones and songwriting that arose as I started to experiment more with hardware synthesis and ways to [write] under their limitations and strengths," says Davis. "Out of the whole album, I’d say this song is least inspired by any particular artist. I had been listening to a lot of Animal Collective and LCD Soundsystem and tried to inject the growing energy they work with, while still writing something that very much felt like myself and personal preferences."

He adds: "The song started with the general outline of the verse and choruses and slowly evolved under months of revision and change. For the most part, I tried to bring more modern production techniques into my traditional sound."

Check out "Bloom" below.