Ariana Molly

Montreal's Felix Mongeon (aka Radiant Baby) is kicking off a new chapter this week with the release of new music, the first in a queue leading up to his new album.

First up is a dazzling new single called "Réputation," which is accompanied by an enigmatic video featuring a character Mongeon affectionately refers to as "Disco Bill." The song and the Ariana Molly-directed clip are premiering today on Variance, the first glimpse of Radiant Baby's second album Pantomime, which is out Sept. 24 via Lisbon Lux Records.

"The song 'Réputation' came from a collab in the winter of 2020," recalls Mongeon of the new song. "I composed quite a few in the studio at that time and already had the models for most of the album's tunes. I wanted to push my texts further and step out of my comfort zone, so I started writing in French to destabilize myself a bit. It was new; I'd always written in English until then."

He continues: "One night at the studio I ran into Pierre-Luc Bégin, then we found ourselves discussing the tunes we were working on recently. He gave me two demos: 'Réputation' and 'Comic.' This really inspired me and I kept working all of this recording and studio with Steeven. Now both songs are singles on the album!"

"Réputation" is officially out tomorrow (June 15), but you can watch the video now below.