Nick Scheetz

As we're still in that in-between, is-it-summer-yet space of early June, Vacation Manor is here to officially kick off the season with their perfectly summer debut album.

The self-titled record is out Friday (June 11) via Nettwerk Music, but the Virginia-based duo is giving Variance an early listen of the shimmering 12-track project. They've also offered some insight into the record itself.

"We recorded the majority of the album in Nashville with producer Kyle Cummings, a few in Joshua Tree with producer Charlie Stavish, and then self-produced one at our studio here in Virginia," they explain. "All of those people and places have played a big role in our sound over the past seven years and it seems fitting that every recording scenario would be on this first record. I hope anyone who listens immediately sees themselves and their story in the songs."

They continue: "For whatever reason, the thoughts on this record are very inward and trying to make sense of situations and relationships yet sonically a lot of it is upbeat and communal. I hope the songs feel as good in a group as they do when you’re driving alone in the car late at night."

And as for the album title, they add: "One of the main reasons we wanted this first full-length album to be self-titled is because it really feels like the full range of our sound. We both love debut records that have a distinct sound but leave a lot of room to guess where the artist might go on the next record."

Vacation Manor is a great soundtrack for your weekend—or your summer. Hear it in full below (and find details for their album release show/livestream above).